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Advanced training events for physics teachers

Teachers are presumably the first and most influential persons when it comes to shaping the attitude to physics. By educating children in physics, teachers have a tremendous impact on how future adults, and hence the society, will eventually see and rate physics research. Teaching physics at schools therefore comes along with a special demand on pedagogical and methodological skills that need to complement the necessary and profound scientific knowledge.

Learning about novel developments and applications helps to supplement and refresh the physics knowledge of teachers, and it also provides clues of how to improve the associated teaching. The University of Bayreuth is supporting this goal since 1976 with annual training events for physics teachers. To this end, we offer annually varying topics that cover novel findings, applications, and methodologies from the world of physics, including hands-on workshops. Please see below for the upcoming event.

48th Advanced Training Event for Physics Teachers


University of Bayreuth
Emil Warburg Lecture Hall H15 in building NW I

Wetnesday, 5 October 2022, start at 8.50am

Registration for teachers

FIBS via E560-Physik/22/1 until 25 September 2023

Students and interested audience are welcome! The lectures are given in German language!

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