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The research-oriented, two-year master's programme in physics (degree: Master of Science, M.Sc.) consists of advanced courses in physics and additional electives as well as a one-year research phase. Research and teaching are closely linked to the scientific emphasis of the University of Bayreuth, in particular to the focus areas nonlinear dynamics, molecular bioscience or polymer and colloid research. Distinguished students with an interest in interdisciplinary problems receive special support withi the study programs Biological Physics or Macromolecular Science the Elite Network Bavaria.

Structure and content of the degree program

Characteristics of the program
DegreeMaster of Science (M.Sc.)
Startwinter or summer term
Duration4 semesters
LanguageGerman / English for English speaking participants
Admission requirementsSuccessfully completed BSc Physics (or equivalent) as well as German language skills (at least level B2)
EnrollmentAugust to October (winter term)
March to April (summer term)

The master's programme in Physics at the University of Bayreuth is divided into two phases, both of which are characterized by a high flexibility.

During the first phase, we offer advanced, research-oriented courses in physics and additional electives. Here, you can put an individual emphasis on topics that are of interest for you, e.g. when choosing courses in the modules 'Modern Topics in Physics (MGP)' or 'Physics Focus Topic (VTP)'.

During the second, one-year phase, you are progressively conducting independent research in internationally composed working groups at our university, e.g. as part of your master thesis. You may learn to perform exciting experiments in the laboratory or to deal with deep fundamental problems in theoretical groups, both usually with the help of modern computer methods. You are thus well prepared for a subsequent PhD phase or premium jobs in a wide range of fields of activity.

The current version of the study regulations and the module handbook provide you with further details on the individual design of the master's program. Current information and a preview of events in upcoming semesters can be found in the elearning course 'Aktuelles im Masterstudiengang Physik'.

Please note that for new enrolments as of 1 April 2021, the study regulations of 10 December 2020 are binding; the study regulations of 20 March 2014 will expire and only apply to previous enrolments. An updated module handbook for both study regulations will be published in mid-April or mid-October for the respective semester.

Admission and formalities

You can start into the master's programme in Physics in the winter or in the summer semester; the standard period of the master study is four semesters.

The major admission requirement for the master’s programme Physics is a bachelor's degree in Physics at university level or in an equivalent subject as well as German language skills level B2 or better (see also §2 of the current examination regulations).

If you meet the admission requirements you can register directly for your studies. Approval of competences and academic achievements, e.g. from abroad or from other courses/studies, is handled by the examination board.

For specific questions, e.g. whether you meet the admission requirements or which of your achievements so far may be approved, please see first our brief How-To. In case of specific questions, the members of the examination board are happy to help (contact via master.physik@uni-bayreuth.de).

Study counseling

contact: master.physik@uni-bayreuth.de

Prof. Dr. Matthias Weiss
Program advisor and head of the board of examiners

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Köhler
Program advisor and member of the board of examiners

Prof. Dr. Vollrath Martin Axt
Program advisor and member of the board of examiners

Christoph Reihl

Christoph Reihl
Faculty advisor for teaching and learning
Service unit PULS

Room: (building NW II)
Phone: +49 (0)921 / 55-3224
Email: puls.mpi@uni-bayreuth.de

Information to download

Information on the expiring study regulations as of 10/20/2011 amended on 03/20/2014

Unfortunately, all official documents are currently only available in German.

Further counseling services

Webmaster: Webmaster Physics

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