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Department of Physics at the University of Bayreuth

Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Sciences

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Managing Director

Prof. Dr. Stephan Gekle (gd-physik@uni-bayreuth.de)

Postal address:

Physikalisches Institut
Universität Bayreuth
95440 Bayreuth 

Where is what?

The physics groups can be found in buildings NW I, NW II and BGI. Individual seminar rooms and lecture halls can be found in this overview

The adjoining plan is also available as a pdf.

How to find us

If you arrive by car

Leave the 'Autobahn' A9 (Nürnberg-Berlin) at the exit 'Bayreuth Süd' and follow the signs 'Universität'.

The main access to the campus forks after about 100 m. Here you stay left. About 200 m along the road, you will see a bus station and the parking lot to the BGI to the right (2 exits). The main entrance to the building is near 'Info Point 5'.

About 100 m farther, there is a parking lot of  building NW II (2 exits). The main entrance can be reached from 'Info Point 7'. For deliveries to the building 'Naturwissenschaften II', use the second exit.

A short distance behind this second exit, a service road leaves to the right. Do not enter here. About 100m after this exit, the road forks again. Take a right turn to arrive at the parking deck of building NW I. Near this parking deck, you can find the entrance to the building at 'Info Point 9'. If you pass by the parking lot, you will arrive at the delivery court of building NW I.

Road signs in blue direct you to the buildings, sings in yellow lead you to the 'Info Points'.

If you use public transport

You will arrive by train at the main station ('Hauptbahnhof').

In front of the station, there are taxi stands and bus stops. If you do not prefer to take a taxi directly to the University, you will find a bus connection using the information system. Type 'BT' in both fields labelled 'Stadt/Ort'. In the second field under 'Start', type 'HBF', under 'Ziel', type 'Uni-Verwaltung' and leave 'Haltestelle' selected in both cases.

All bus connections pass via the Central Bus Stop 'Bayreuth ZOH (Zentrale Omnibus Haltestelle)' which is in walking distance (approx. 9 Minutes) from 'Hauptbahnhof'. Alternatively, take a bus. You may choose among several bus routes, see the listing of bus routes in Bayreuth. The bus stops of routes 301, 302, and 308 are in front of the main entrance of the train station. The bus stops of routes 303, 305, and 309 are across the street in front of 'Löwen Apotheke'. At the 'ZOH', take route 304 ('Universität/Birken') or 306 ('Campus' or 'Hohlmühle/Campus') to the University Campus. The bus stops on the campus are shown on the campus map.

The web site of the 'Bayreuther Verkehrs- und Bäder GmbH' (Bayreuth Public Transport and Spa Company) provides a map of all bus routes and detailed information on the schedules and tariff of fares.

If you arrive by plane

The nearest airports are Nuremberg, Munich, and Frankfurt. The railroad system provides convenient connections to Bayreuth. Find a connecting train in the railroad time tables.

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