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Department of Physics at the University of Bayreuth

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Beginners Lab Course (Bachelor of Science in Physics)


The physics beginners lab comprises the following 19 experiments, spread over three semesters:

PPA1 (2nd semester)

  • Measurements and their uncertainties
  • Moment of inertia, Young’s modulus and shear modulus
  • Coupled oscillations
  • Forced oscillations
  • Laminar flow and viscosity
  • Radioactive decay: statistics and beta ray spectrum

PPA2 (3rd semester)

  • Introducing electrical measuring equipment
  • Magnetic hysteresis and transformers
  • Current-voltage characteristics
  • AC circuits: resistors, capacitors, inductors and resonant circuits
  • Magnetic moment
  • Interference and diffraction at slit patterns
  • Real gases and liquefaction

PPB1 (PPBphys1, PPBbio1, PPBtec1, PPBup1, PPBphi1; 4th semester)

  • Gyroscopic motion: nutation and precession
  • The spectrometer
  • Polarisation of light and light scattering
  • Electronics lab 1: The transistor
  • Electronics lab 2: The operational amplifier
  • Electronics lab 3: Constructing an electronic device


The experiments take place partly during the lecture period and partly already during the lecture-free period preceding the respective semester. You will learn more details about the organisation during a preliminary meeting at the end of your first semester. For all further information, please refer to the corresponding eLearning courses.


Dr. Wolfgang Schöpf
Physics beginners lab

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E-mail:  wolfgang.schoepf@uni-bayreuth.de

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