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Obituary on Prof. Dr. Dierk Rainer

The members of the Department of Physics mourn the loss of their colleague

Prof. Dr. Dierk Rainer

(* Sep 16, 1941    ✝ Dec 05, 2016)

who died December 5, 2016 after a long illness.

Prof. Rainer, who was holding the chair Theoretical Physics III from 1982 to 2004, was one of the decisive driving forces building up the Department of Physics in Bayreuth. For collective research efforts such as DFG Research Groups and Research Training Groups he was a sought after and important partner acting as a unifying force. Scientifically, he was highly appreciated nationally and internationally, which is for example reflected by the conferment of the Max Planck Research Award. His many outstanding contributions to the superconductivity of metals and  the superfluidity of ³He are still highly cited today. A comprehensive overview can be found in a proceedings volume co-edited by Prof. Rainer in 1996 (Quasiclassical Methods in Superconductivity and Superfluidity, Verditz 1996).

Prof. Rainer was highly appreciated as an astute and critical partner in discussions as well as a speaker on many international conferences. He was a physicist in the best sense of the word: creative, with rough edges and nevertheless always charming. He followed his own trajectory without getting distracted by current research trends in his fields.

Also on behalf of all staff and students,
the professors of physics.

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