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Department of Physics at the University of Bayreuth

Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Sciences

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Teacher Education Physics

In the teacher education courses, you study physics as well as a further subject, didactics and general educational science. The focus is different, depending on which school you want to teach at. All degree programms are taught in German.

High school (Gymnasium)

You can study physics for high school in Bayreuth in combination with mathematics, computer science or geography. Here, the proportion of physics as a subject of science is so high that after the Bachelor, you can change easily and without loss of time into the 'normal' Master Physics programm.


Secondary school (Realschule)

Here you study the same subject-specific content in the first semester as in all physics courses, but later on they are less detailed. The program concludes after 7 semesters with a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) and leads directly to the first state examination.


Professional school (Berufsschule)

Physics can be chosen as a subject in the field of professional education in the fields of metal engineering and electrical engineering. In this case, you study the same subject-specific content as all physicists for the first few semesters, but later on they are less detailed.


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