Physics in Bayreuth from our students' perspective

Our students all have very different motives to choose Bayreuth as their place of study. Word of mouth by other students, recommendations by school teachers, a visit to our campus or our good results in university rankings are just some examples. Our students praise the studying conditions here in Bayreuth. As a consequence, we regularly earn top positions in the CHE-Ranking, one of the most important university rankings in Germany, especially in the categories „General studying conditions“, „course content“, „contact between students“ and „faculty-student relations“.

Our students value and identify with Bayreuth as their place of study.  The following quotes by some of our students were collected in May 2012 and are directed to potential prospective students:


'I first thought about studying in a place like Munich but I'm not a big fan of large cities. Bayreuth performed really well in the CHE ranking in the categories that are most important for students. Furthermore, I immediately liked Bayreuth as a city.' (3rd-year student)


'I chose Bayreuth after visiting the university for one of the info events for prospective physics students and witnessed the study atmosphere first-hand: The people here are very open and nice (the students as well as the faculty), the campus is really beautiful. After my first year of studies here, I can still confirm these first impressions… If you're interested in the hustle and bustle of a city like Munich, studying in a smaller town like Bayreuth might not be for you… Just step by for a visit here in Bayreuth, take a look around, talk to the people on the campus. Then you'll get a feeling for whether you'll be comfortable here. Because I felt exactly this way: Initially, I wanted to study physics at the TU Munich until I came here to Bayreuth for the info event. After that I quickly changed my mind…' (Student from Dachau)


Another student said: 'I wanted to study in a place that was a bit further from home in order to independently start a new chapter in my life. I found out about the University of Bayreuth when I received a personal letter with an invitation to a student info event – which I found to be a really nice gesture. I drove to Bayreuth, took a look around the campus and intuitively decided to study here in Bayreuth because it just felt right.'


Our students also value the study curriculum and the supervision by the faculty: 'In Bayreuth, there's a special introductory course to Theoretical Physics in which you learn the most important calculus. The mathematics courses are specifically designed for physicists. Both things are not common and a huge plus for Bayreuth.'


Concerning the study regulations in Bayreuth, one student said that 'there are huge differences between the different universities. You can tell that the professors here in Bayreuth are really trying to create good conditions.'


Many students enjoy the short distances on the campus (e.g. to meet up with friends during the day), our well-equipped laboratories and the team spirit among our students: 'It creates a really comfortable learning atmosphere that only gets more relaxed in the higher study semesters… If someone asked me what I don't like about studying physics in Bayreuth, I'd have to admit that there isn't really anything of general interest that comes to mind.' (Student from Hesse, Germany)


'What really struck me was that the students are treated with so much respect here. We're not treated like „dumb little students“ by the faculty (both professors and teaching assistants)… That especially becomes apparent during the Bachelor's or Master's thesis. We really benefit from the fact that we are accepted as full-fledged members of the research groups and that we are encouraged to contribute to state-of-the-art research.'


Many of our students confirm that 'rent and living expenses are comparatively low in Bayreuth. Additionally, there's a range of cultural offers. The sports programmes offered by the university are unrivalled – very well-organized and there's something for everyone!… Bayreuth was and still is a great choice that I haven't regretted even for one second.'



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